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Sorry guys. We closed back in 2013!




Handy Hints For Recording


The recording will only sound as good as the equipment you use. Here are some handy hints on how to get the best out of your experience: 

  • Put new skins on the drums. A dead snare will sound dead in the recording.
  • Tune your drum kit to get rid of skin rattle and unwanted tone ringing.
  • Bring good quality cymbals. Cheap cymbals sound bad in the mix!
  • Bring plenty of strings for your guitars and bass.
  • Bring a good guitar/bass tuner. You'd be surprised how many bands don't.
  • Don't bring partly broken instruments, a crackly jack socket will not sound good.
  • Singers, rest your voices the day before and make sure you sleep well before recording.
  • Warm up your voice properely before singing any takes.
  • You get out of a recording what you put in. Know your own sounds, this way you will be able to instruct the engineer to get the sounds/tones you are after.

Latest News:

Brightsound has changed!

- 2013-10-22 19:38:13

Well, first of all its been a hectic end to the summer! Brightsound has now relocated to the West Midlands and...

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