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Brightsound has changed!

- 2013-10-22 19:38:13

Well, first of all its been a hectic end to the summer!

Brightsound has now relocated to the West Midlands and North West of the Uk!!

After becoming busier & busier with mixing, Mike from Brightsound teamed up with mastering engineer Katie Tavini to provide an all in one professional mixing and mastering service. This teaming up came as their professional relationship grew through countless projects going back and forth. It appeared that both engineers benefited from working together and then it was so!!

Both Katie and Mike operate on the same wavelength and have mutual respect for their professional abilities and opinions.

Get in touch if you'd like to have Mike & Katie mix and master your work.

Long time .... The Living End

- 2013-08-12 13:42:15

Its been a while since we've updated the news feed! We have been so busy that we hadn't noticed the months fly by!


So, what has been going on?


We've recorded EP's, albums and single tracks for folk, rock & metal bands. Produced, recorded & mixed Rap and Hip Hop acts. Mixing for management and labels, helped develop musical inventions and much more!!


We are very lucky to have Joss Stone using our facilities to ready herself and the band for their upcoming tour and shows. Adam Isaac has been in also preparing for shows as well as working with Mike on some new material.

Soon, we have Australian band 'The Living End' coming in. We can't wait, we are fans - they are proper legends!! The Living End are playing in London at the Beautiful Days festival. Please go check them out!! 

New Studio vid up on the website! Click on Read More ...

- 2013-02-15 10:09:29

So, we had the pleasure of having the nutters 'Backhand Saloon' in the Studio earlier in the year.

They documented the process and edited the footage to the Single 'Hollow Heart.'

Please have a watch and listen!!


- 2013-02-12 09:43:10

If you like a good foot tapping, witty and catchy song then you best go and have a listen to Slipdown Dogs newest release. 'Save it for the Pros' 

No matter what genre of music you love or hate. You won't be disappointed.

Also, go check out their website to get hold of the full 5 track EP.

Slipdown Dog EP launch this Saturday @ The Revelry, Exeter

- 2013-02-08 12:35:15

The fabulous Slipdown Dog are having their EP launch this weekend. We recorded and mixed this and are also doing the live sound & recording the gig!!


It is going to be a great night so why not come along say Hello, have a drink & dance!

£135 a day for recording?!!! - February Bargains ...

- 2013-01-26 14:25:37


£135 for a day of recording in Feb!!??

Ok you lovely musicians. Times are tough and money is tight, so to help out we're offering some of our free days left in Feb for £135!! ... Only some dates to fill so first come first serve.
Dates are for Feb only and for 8hr sessions. Get in touch for more details.


Happy New Year!

- 2013-01-08 10:32:48

We'd like to say a quick thanks to everyone who uses the studio (rehearsals and recording) for a great 2012!

2013 is shaping up to an even more exciting and succesful year, we're very much looking forward to it!!

We wish you all a happy and funfilled 2013!

Hundred Reasons, Videos, EP's & things ...

- 2012-12-05 13:06:58

Well, with all of the floodings, talk of the end of the world & Xfactor, its been a pretty gloomy couple of weeks!

But on the bright side (no pun intended), we've been pretty busy doing what we love most which is anything to do with music!



Slipdown Dog's 5 track EP is mixed & ready to be sent off to be mastered! It is already sounding great & we can't wait to hear it completed. Please go check these chaps out. They are a talented & genuine collection of musicians who have the ability to write the songs to match.

Slipdown Dog 



In late November we were asked to film the Hundred Reasons gig down at the Cavern, Exeter.

Of course, being huge fans of the UK band we jumped at the chance. It was amazing to meet the guys and have the opportunity to film for them. 

Called the 'Year 10' tour; to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of their debut album release 'Ideas Above Our Station.' It was a blast into the not so distant past and a chance to hear this great album being played live from start to finish. If you don't own this album, go download it now!

Although sadly, It seems that after this tour the band members will be going on their own ways. We hope that this is not indefinite & we wish them all the best. True Brittish legends!



Whilst filming Hundred Reasons, we across a very exciting new up and coming band called 'Scholars.'

After the Cavern gig we ended up filming another one of their shows down at the White Rabbit, Plymouth. This footage will be used for their new single coming out soon! We instantly took a liking to this band. Not only are they awesome live (no they really are), they have ear worm songs which will bug you for the rest of the night & in to the rest of the week! They are also one of the nicest bands you'll meet, please go check them out and give them some support.

 Check out their single 'Blind data' and music video shot and edited by our local good friend Carl Shanahan.


The Raptors nominated for best EP 2012

- 2012-10-03 10:19:43

The South West Indie/Rock band The Raptors have been nominated for 'Best EP 2012' & 'Best Indie/Punk Act' at the South West Music Awards. This is great news for them and for us as we worked with the guys on the EP.

The whole EP was recorded live over a couple of weekends and was mixed and mastered on the same day. It goes to show that recording in the old style of 'all in the room' is still an effective way of getting a great record!

Well done boys!!

South West Music Awards 2012

Loads going on ...

- 2012-09-05 09:20:15

So ... the apparent summer has been and gone. Not that it matters to us as we never see the light of day. We prefer to keep our engineers tan as white as chalk.


Recently, we had the awesome job of recording, mixing & mastering Backhand Saloon's new EP 'Creature.' We even engineered the EP release gig which was a blast. You must go check it out, it'll leave you tingling after assaulting your sesnes!


The Raptors were in again. Causing mayhem in their usual rock and roll way. Their EP is almost complete so keep an eye & ear out for that! Never had 3 consecutive sessions where the band turn up drunk from the night before, massive effort & dedication ... truly inspiring.


Cambion were in recording a bonus track for their Website VIP area and soon to be released EP.

Now, there are whisperings about  a curse following Cambion around studios ... at first I was afraid, then I was petrified ... sorry, sorry ... But. I didn't believe them, oh boy how i should've. The events that followed where horrific! However, they vastly improved after finally persuading Frank (the drummer) to put his clothes back on ... To say the session was jinxed would be playing it down. Monitors blew, amp valves died, cymbals cracked, door  handles broke, power cuts, mic's dying and more!! But we persevered and the session turned out better than expected giving the circumstances!!


Due to the Monitors blowing we now have Focal CMS 65's on the way which, we are super excited about. We've heard great things about them for ages and after speaking to Gary Robson (distributor) we couldn't resist them anymore!


We'll be looking forward to mixing the rest of Slip Down Dogs EP on them! Which is going to be a joy to do, as these slippery dogs have some great songs which you should definitely check out once released. They are also amazing live as are all the bands mention here!!


That is all for now. Keep rocking, grooving & living the dream.


Latest production session - 'Slim' Richardson

- 2012-07-11 08:22:30

So, in between the Download festival & shooting off to Europe with the Prodigy. Martin managed to get in the studio to lay his guitars down to another track we've been producing. We're still in need of a singer so please get in touch if you would like to try out. Click here for more info and to listen to a couple of tracks.


Raffle re-draw!!

- 2012-07-05 08:09:07

Here are the new ticket numbers from the Brightsound stage raffle at the Devon Rocks festival 2012.

Lets hope some of you still have your tickets!


514 - Takamine Acoustic Guitar

488 - Day in the studio


Please contact us ASAP if you have the winning raffle ticket.

New API mic pres on the way in!!! Best for drums ...

- 2012-06-22 09:36:49

Ever wondered what the top engineers and £million studios use to record their drums?? ... We are glad to announce that we have API's 3124+ mic pre unit on the way!

Anyone who knows anything about recording drums (Kick, snare, toms mainly) will tell you that API mic pre's are the best and the only ones to use.


We can't wait to get this installed and running. We are also looking at a couple of Daking Mic Pre 4's to add to our arsenal which, some say are as good if not better than the API 3124+ ... If you want to record with genuine top end gear, get in touch.

Announcing the Brightsound Stage @ The Real Devon Rocks Pt 2

- 2012-05-18 09:23:44

Check out the line up & amazing prizes!!!


The Real Devon Rocks 2 Festival! Bigger, Louder & Longer!!!

- 2012-05-02 15:49:08

'The Real Devon Rocks Part 2!'

For The Real Devon Rocks 2 festival, Mike from Brightsound has been asked to sit on the final Judging panel for the 'Battle of the Bands.' The winning band gets a slot at the festival and there are other prices too!

'It was an honour to have been asked to take part in the festival, let alone be a judge on the final panel. I'm really looking forward to it, it's going to be an amazing day!'

Masterclass Stage - We're currently finalising the last bookings for a Masterclass stage. Which, will have internationally recognised musicians playing, demonstrating and tutoring throughout the whole day.

So far we have:

Drummers - James Hester, Jungle Drummer & Nick Carter.

Bassists - Chris Fatty Hargreaves (TBC)

Guitarists - Conrad Harpham

With more to be confirmed!!

Another great reason to come to the festival!

Get your tickets HERE now!

The Real Devon Rocks Facebook Page




Backhand Saloon Studio Vid Teaser!!

- 2012-04-29 17:02:18

Backhand Saloon have recorded their 2nd E.P with us and what a gem it's going to be!!!

Here is a small teaser of the process. The music is from a song off the E.P but is not mixed. This is how they sound live with no trickery!

Hope you enjoy.

'I'm not just a Bassplayer, I'm a sound system' ... Doug Wimbish

- 2012-04-29 17:02:17

We had the pleasure of briefly working, chatting and chilling with the amazing Doug Wimbish at the London Bass Guitar Show.

The whole event was a great success with some spectacular demonstrations, appearances and performances by bassists such as 'Yolanda Charles, TM Stevens, John Paul Jones, Chris Fatty Hargreaves and many more.


'I've never seen so many pedals on a bass set up ... the resulting effects and sounds which he achieved was mind blowing. You have to check Doug out.' - Mike from Brightsound.

Go to the London Bass Guitar Website to see some of the footage taken at the show;

Drummer on Tour taster vid

- 2012-04-29 17:02:15

Held here at Brightsound recording studio 23rd Feb 2012

Drummer On Tour Masterclass 2012 from Brightsound Recording Studio on Vimeo.

Madhatter 2.0 Podcast has arrived!

- 2012-03-06 21:57:37

South West Metal band 'Madhatter 2.0' dropped by the studio to chat about their E.P, recording experience and mini tour!

Contains strong language!

Madhatter 2.0 Podcast @Brightsound Recording Studio from Brightsound Recording Studio on Vimeo.

Drummer On Tour Video now uploaded

- 2012-02-25 23:35:32

Drummer Magazine held a Drummer Masterclass at our facilities on 23rd Feb. It was a great success and a most enjoyable evening.

Many thanks go to the drummers who came and to all of those involved.

Please take 5 mins to have a look, you will see a snap shot of the evening from all three drummers; James Hester, Nick Carter and the 8 armed Jungle Drummer.

Drummer On Tour Masterclass 2012 from Brightsound Recording Studio on Vimeo.

New tracks loaded in our 'Listen' section ...

- 2012-02-17 00:17:30

We've updated our 'listen' page, please go to this link and have a listen to what we've been up too! 


Drummer Masterclass with James Hester, Jungle Drummer & Nick Carter

- 2012-02-02 13:03:49



Thursday 23rd February 2012 sees Drummer magazine host its first ever masterclass at Brightsound & Oyster House Studios, Devon.

The intimate setting gives just 20 percussionists an opportunity to take part in a masterclass with three of Drummer’s own tuition team; James Hester, Jungle Drummer and Nick Carter.


Tickets are strictly limited to just 20, with masterclasses taking part in Drummer’s test, rehearsal and recording facility at Oyster House & Brightsound Studios.

Ticket holders will be able to spend an evening with Drummer’s tuition team leader, James Hester, Drummer’s editorial assistant Nick Carter and Drummer columnist Jungle Drummer. Each an artist and experienced drummer in their own right, their masterclasses promise an opportunity to watch, listen, learn, ask questions and more of these talented, professional drummers.


The event is proudly supported by Mapex, Paiste, Sonor, Meinl, Vic Firth, Vater and Bose.



Each ticket holder will leave with a free bag of goodies, with an exclusive Drummer magazine subscription offer available to all those who attend.




Whats that noise? ... Sounds like Madhatter 2.0's Mad Army ...

- 2012-01-18 09:49:48


Run to the hills, lock up your children, flee for your lives and hide your badgers. Madhatter 2.0 are back in studio .... again!

It seems like it was only a month or two ago Madhatter were in the studio ... wait .... oh yes, it was only a month or two ago Madhatter 2.0 were in the studio! They love it here so much they just couldn't wait to get back. It must be the open air and fields that they come for, roaming free & running around like Madhatter's, chasing wildlife topless .... but enough of that.


Madhatter 2.0 are back in the studio next week recording what they are calling their 'big one.' This E.P is the one that counts. This is what they have been building up too, it will be more than just a couple of tracks on a cd. It will contain the blood, sweat, heartache, frustration, grit, determination and soul of all four members. Which, they have all poured into this band; Refusing to give in and lie down where most bands would fail at the first post (or service station). This was echoed by being awarded the ' 2011 - Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music' - As voted for by TotalBikerFm.


For two years Madhatter 2.0 have been gigging and solidifying their sound into a brawling metal monster that slaps you round the back of the head, pulls you up by the ears and screams 'IS ANYONE IN THERE?' Whilst simultaneously grooving the living day lights out of you ... I've literally left their rehearsals with groove tracks on my face..... ..Great for malteaser tricks!


So what does 2012 hold for Madhatter 2.0? Well, you better go ask Marc, Paul, Hayden & Kurt, as they sure as hell don't let anyone else decide for them. The 'hatters are their own vehicle bulldozing their own path. Either get out of the way and jump on or get 'hattered.

Look out for updates and follow Madhatter 2.0.

Enough said.

Febuary Deal - Book two days and get £50 off!

- 2012-01-17 11:08:46

Book two days in Febuary and get £50 off the second day. Use this opportunity to record those new tracks ready to sell at your gig's and festivals.

Contact us now to see what days we have left.

Our first ever podcast is now out!!!!!

- 2012-01-07 12:44:43

Please take a look at our podcast. The first one is with Cambion, a very talented local metal band who are set for great things in 2012.

More podcasts are on the way, including recording techniques and tips. 


We hope you enjoy.



Cambion Podcast @Brightsound Recording Studio from Brightsound Recording Studio on Vimeo.

Calling all Rock & Grunge bands

- 2012-01-03 12:27:18

The music industry needs you!!! Yes that's right, the music industry have sent out the A&R guys looking for rock and grunge bands. If you have a recording send it in and we will pass it on. If you are looking to record then don't hesitate, give us a call or send us an email. If we like you we will invest some of our own time into developing your music improving the chances of a bite!

Best wishes,




- 2011-12-23 17:26:26

Here it is. I'm keeping it short and sweet.

Band of the month.

CAMBION, with their cover of 'Roots Bloody Roots' (Originally by Sepultura)

It's Awesome.

Please go and check it out, click the 'Media Tab' for a bit more info.


Roots Bloody Roots - Cover by Cambion by BrightSound

Cancellation Slot this Weekend - Half price weekend!!!

- 2011-12-05 19:08:12

We have had a late cancellation for the weekend 10th & 11th December. We previously had a few enquiries for this date so first come first serve i'm afraid.

Look forward to recording you soon!!


It’s Plan B for Swans In Flight...

- 2011-12-01 09:29:54

Local band 'Swans In Flight' who regularly use the studio space for rehearsals and recordings are set to work in an amazing writing partnership ...


One of the UK’s hottest current songwriting teams, (famed for their work with chart sensation, Plan B, and including Ivor Novello Award winning Cassell, AKA 'The BeatMaker'), have confirmed they will be producing the Devon rock band, Swans In Flight, and their forthcoming commercial release due out Spring 2012. In the Producers chair at John Def's, Edge Studios, Cassell will be joined by Guild Award winning/fellow Plan B member, Eric Appapoulay.


Swans In Flight are currently being booked to perform mainstage festival performances for 2012 plus a select number of theatre shows next March that will feature Metal Funk bassist, TM Stevens, (Joe Cocker, James Brown, Steve Vai), in the band’s line-up.

For all further information see

Uk's Best Newcomers 'Cambion' in the studio!

- 2011-11-24 09:36:34

Yes thats right, the UK's 'Best Newcomers' Cambion are in the studio recording a cover song to follow up their EP. If you've seen them live you would've heard them play it, it is one of our favorite songs by one of our favorite bands so we're pretty excited to be recording it with these guys!!

Stay tuned ... 'Rooooots' ......


Madhatter causing Mad Havoc in a 12hr session!

- 2011-11-14 13:35:35

We had the good fortune of having Madhatter 2.0 in the studio again and what a session it turned out to be! We had half of Zoltar Speaks (Louise & Jason) and one quarter of Cambion (Eliiot) turn up to do Guest parts on the song.

These guys have been hitting the gigs hard and it shows in their performances; tighter, harder, faster & that was before we got the gear out!

After Chuck tampered with the drums to get them sounding like drums. It took Kurt not even one take to nail his parts (We were secretly recording his run throughs), as it turned out they rocked better! Paul in his usual fashion solidly blasts out his guitar parts leaving Hayden on the bass feeling the pressure to follow suit ... the suit was indeed followed. Marc on vocals was fired up and pacing around like a man possesed, he literally flew through his parts. Louise from Zoltar Speaks and Elliot from Cambion both put their guest vocals down to complete the recording session. Listen out for Elliots 'Breakdown' repeat in the middle eight.

After a break to rest the ears and get some reheated chinese we cracked on with mixing. The request was for a 'live' sounding mix. So we did just that, kept the drums fairly open with the guitars wide and bass holding up the middle. Baring in mind it was mixed on the same day and only in 3 hours it sounds pretty good! Go have a listen to the track now! 



Left to Right - Paul, Kurt, Hayden, Louise (Zoltar), Mark, Mike (Brightsound) & Elliot (Cambion)

Riff of the Month!!!

- 2011-11-03 03:40:27

Yes, our favorite riff of the month. Go and have a listen and hopefully you will agree. Click here

Half Term Crazy Discounts!

- 2011-10-18 12:17:21

To celebrate the good times we've decided to offer out some amazing discounts.

Students can save up to 50% off a day - Yes thats right, Half price!! = £125 for 8 hrs!

Proof of being a student is needed. 2 students at least in the band.

If you aren't a student, we are also offering other discounts so don't worry!! Email or call us to discuss and find out what we can do for you.

This will only be on offer till 31/10/2011

Best wishes,


New Band of the month!!!!

- 2011-10-04 22:52:18

Yes thats right! It has been updated at long last.

Go see who it is .... Band of the month.

Music Video Auditions!!!

- 2011-09-28 22:40:31

It's been a hectic couple of weeks!

We are currently working on the music video for the single 'Strong Woman.' If you know any actors/dancers that would be interested, please put them in touch. Click on the picture to find out more info.


Single to be released SOOON!

- 2011-08-31 17:02:51

A fabulous singer and lyric writer Shellie Lewis came into the studio recently and asked us to write the music to one of her songs .... so we did! The response has been so good that we are releasing it as a single through the Brightsound Label. You will get a sneak preview on the website before it goes live on iTunes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Singer competition!! Winner gets to record in the studio...

- 2011-07-07 09:30:03


Ok, due to requests and the fact we felt bad that the song 'eyes closed' limited the number of people who could enter. We've done an extra two tracks for you to choose from. Please have a listen, we'd love to discover a hidden gem of a singer.


Also, we've opened up one of the songs to a bassist. We'd love to hear someones take on the song. This is not part of the singer competition i'm afraid. But there is a seperate prize!!!


For the singers ....... Can you write and sing to the tracks on the home page?

If so, contact us and we will send you an mp3 version for you to record your thing. It hasn't got to be perfect!

Send it in, If we like what we hear we will invite you to record your part in the studio.

The winning singer not only gets to record their part for the song, but also gets the chance to record one of their own songs at the studio, for FREE!!! (Subject to details. Please contact us for more information)

New Band of the Month!!!!

Backhand Saloon - 2011-05-10 14:40:01

Back_hand_saloon_590.JPGWe have a new band of the month! Click the Media tab to find out more!

April 2011

- 2011-05-09 23:43:19

It's been a while since the news got updated ... 

Since then we've been doing radio ad's, voice overs, mixing and mastering and drinking lots of coffee!

We've had the semi finalist from Nigeria's X Factor in the studio, singing on the song 'Like you' for Slick. Also, we had an amazing vocalist 'Shellie' come in to do some tracks which, sound amazing.

Plenty more things coming up and even a couple of prizes ...

Oh yeah .... Backhand Saloon's EP is nearing completion ... we've had the first mix and master approved ... the rest will be done soon!

Till then, take it easy.

Whats been going on ...

- 2011-02-19 21:41:24

We've completed Madhatter 2.0's EP and will be having them back in the studio soon to record even more tracks ... We've written and prooduced a Hip Hop track for a newly arrived artist to the area ... The first draft of Sancho Panzers Album has been completed ... We had Belle from 'The Violets' in to record her parts to their new tune ... we're waiting to have the thumbs up from a label to go ahead and use one of their artists tracks for an MC. Oh! We recently had the pleasure of meeting and recording David Quantick for a voice over!!!!


Recent events!

- 2011-02-14 01:16:28

We've had a strange start to the year at Brightsound. Most of January had been written off due to illness.

However, we are back with a vengeance! So far we have mixed Sancho Panzers muchly anticipated album and Madhatter 2.0's bone crunching EP. Also, we've been writing Hip Hop tracks for a new to the area Rapper (we'll be revealing more down the line.) and are setting about producing a couple of hard house tracks too.

There is much more going on and coming up so stay tuned!

Madhatter 2.0's EP to be completed soon ...

after a slight festive delay!! - 2011-01-05 02:03:22


Mixing will commence on the rest of Madhatter's EP this week after the weather pushed it back before xmas. If you haven't already learnt yet, there is no escaping Madhatter. They are the South West's No.1 band on the site reverbnation and are currently being booked up for 2011. Watch this space and hold on to your face, if they are coming near you, you better go check them out!

All recording has been pushed back till the new year

- 2010-12-23 10:22:34

Due to the severe driving and travelling conditions, all recording sessions have unfortunately been cancelled.

We are still mixing and mastering as we have on going projects that have deadlines coming soon. If you require these services please feel free to get in touch, send your tracks or project folders.


We'd like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Rockin New Year.


All the best from Mike and Chuck.

Been a busy week... a look ahead.

- 2010-11-26 12:47:50

Absolutely shattered this week .... Madhatter 2.0 have finished their vocal tracks, recorded what turned out to be a Christmas advert for 'Intel' and almost finished off recording Sancho Panzers album.

Coming up over the next few weeks; 'Backhand Saloon' are recording again, mixing their previous tracks too.  '4 Cylinder Witch Hunt' are due to come in as they have their new tracks ready. Possible pre production work with 'We the Divide' and 'Lights and Clockwork.' Sancho Panzer will be finishing off the last touches to their album too ...... it's gonna be a hectic run up to Christmas.


Madhatter 2.0 in the studio this weekend coming!!

- 2010-11-08 12:04:46

We are looking forward to these guys coming in to record.  Having met up for a pre recording discussion, we can tell it's going to be an energtic, loud and rocking session!! Bring it on!

Keep an eye out for updates as we go.

Mastering BOGOF!!!!....Offer for October 2010 Bookings ...

- 2010-09-27 23:38:28

October special!! Any artist that books in to record, will receive buy one get one free on Mastering! 2 tracks for the price of 1, 4 tracks for the price of 2 and so on! Offer is open till the end of October. Call or Email now!

Brightsound Totnes to open!

May 2010 - 2010-05-28 00:01:59


otnes Brightsound is to open! Courses to follow soon.
Yes thats right, the studio in Totnes is now ready to record. Please enquire if you are from the area and want to record or take part of our courses!

Totnes Brightsound is to open! Courses to follow soon.Yes thats right, the studio in Totnes is now ready to record. Please enquire if you are from the area and want to record or take part in our courses!

J M Mastering

May 2010 - 2010-05-28 00:00:42

Brightsound and JM Mastering will hopefully be confirming partnership. Jeff at the Mastering plant has agreed exclusive prices for Brightsound.We still offer our own mastering services but this guy has the years and experience under his belt that you have to take advantage of!

New gear!

April 2010 - 2010-05-27 23:52:20

Decided to get one of SE's ICIS 2 valve mics to add to the collection. I couldn't resist !I'll be replacing the valve for a Mullard or General electrics, oh yeah!

Discounts for Echo's residential bands

March 2010 - 2010-05-27 23:49:31

Discounts announced for residential bands in Echo rehersal rooms. Please get in touch if you want to find out more!

Sound Engineer to join the team!

Feb 2010 - 2010-05-27 23:48:07


Nick Marshall formely a lecturer and course writer for Deep Blue in Plymouth has come aboard to work in Brightsound bringing with him
years of experience and a vast knowledge of recording and mixing techniques. Welcome Nick!!

Nick Marshall formely a lecturer and course writer for Deep Blue in Plymouth has come aboard to work in Brightsound bringing with himyears of experience and a vast knowledge of recording and mixing techniques. Welcome Nick!!


Totnes Studio project to go ahead!

20th Jan 2010 - 2010-05-27 23:43:45


Jan - Totnes
Plans to build and open in Totnes take a step further.
Tim (owner of Rock SOlid) and I have set about building bespoke sound panels for the control and isolation rooms.
The new Pro Tools set has also been installed. Waiting for other parts. Opening officially is aimed for end May 2010.

Plans to build and open in Totnes take a step further.Tim (owner of Rock SOlid) and I have set about building bespoke sound panels for the control and isolation rooms.The new Pro Tools set has also been installed. Waiting for other parts. Opening officially is aimed for end May 2010.

Exeter Redesign and Re decorate!!

6th Jan 2010 - 2010-05-27 23:40:30


owee this has been a crazy week!! A huge thanks to everyone who came down to help out with the redecoration.
Especially, Chuck, who came back every night staying till 3am working on the sound panels and painting.
My favorite highlight was definitely making tracks in the snow on the roof top with Ash, Chuck and
myself slightly high off the paint fumes ... Haven't laughed so much in ages. The studio is coming along well, looking very nice indeed!

owee this has been a crazy week!! A huge thanks to everyone who came down to help out with the redecoration.Especially, Chuck, who came back every night staying till 3am working on the sound panels and painting.My favorite highlight was definitely making tracks in the snow on the roof top with Ash, Chuck andmyself slightly high off the paint fumes ... Haven't laughed so much in ages. The studio is coming along well, looking very nice indeed!

Aurora Flo - 1 weekend, 3 songs and a lot of pizza. - 2010-05-27 23:39:30

Click on the Media tab for the featured band of the week's track and write up.

Mixing and Mastering 'Lights and Clock Work' - 12.9.10

- 2010-05-27 23:38:30

'Lights and Clock Work' are a devon based band who came to the studio to record 4 tracks. We ended up producing the band which, had some pretty amazing results. Keep an eye out for their tacks on here and for their myspace/facebook links. We are currently on the last mixing phase, providing everyone is happy they'll be mastered and out for all to hear!

Till then.


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Brightsound has changed!

- 2013-10-22 19:38:13

Well, first of all its been a hectic end to the summer! Brightsound has now relocated to the West Midlands and...

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